State Board (WVBE) Policies

WVEA seeks to keep you apprised of policies the West Virginia Board of Education has on public comment. Your ability to provide the students in your classroom with the best education possible is impacted by the policies passed by the West Virginia Board of Education. We urge you to read the synopsis of proposed policy revisions listed below and respond to the WVDE with your comments.


All policies currently on comment until 4 p.m. on Jan. 12, 2015:


Policy 2520.13 – Next Generation Standards for Career and Technical Education in West Virginia Schools



Policies 2520 define the content standards and objectives for programs of study required by Policy 2510 and establish a standardized format for such. Policy 2520.13 defines the content standards and objectives for career and technical education. The original effective date of Policy 2520.13: Career and Technical Education Content Standards and Objectives for in West Virginia Schools” was July 1, 2006. Policy 2520.13: Common Core Content Standards for Career and Technical Education in West Virginia Schools” underwent revisions, effective April 15, 2013, that established a set of standards for the 16 Career Clusters and their corresponding career pathways. These define the core of what students should know and be able to do after completing instruction in a CTE program of study based on a national model.



Policy 2520.13 – Next Generation Standards for Career and Technical Education in West Virginia Schools” was revised to: 1) include Simulated Workplace protocols; 2) add standards to each concentration for students participating in a co-curricular career technical student organizations; 3) change the student performance measures by eliminating the ACT WorkKeys and Global 21 Performance Assessments and replacing them with a student portfolio and capstone project; 4) add and clarify definitions and acronyms; and 5) align WVEIS prefixes for each cluster CTE programmatic changes.



These proposed revisions provide consistency to instructional practices and protocols of the Simulated Workplace initiative that ensures work and career readiness by training students in authentic and advanced learning environments. Language regarding career technical student organizations removed from Policy 2510 is considered more appropriate for Policy 2520.13 as it reinforces co-curricular standards of leadership. Performance measures were revised to include summative assessments such as portfolio and capstone projects. Definitions clarify policy acronyms and clarify policy interpretation while WVEIS prefix edits will provide consistency in student class schedules. 


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The following WV Board of Education (WVBE) policies are listed for your convenience.  All WVBE policies are posted on the WVDE's Website at

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Policy 2510 – Assuring Quality Education

Policy 2515 – Uniform Grading

Policy 2520.1-2520.15 – Instructional Goals and Objectives

Policy 4110 – Attendance

Policy 4360 – Collection, Maintenance, Disclosure of Student Data

Policy 4373 – Student Code of Conduct

Policy 5202 – Licensure of Professional/Paraprofessional Personnel

Policy 5310 – Performance Evaluation of School Personnel

Policy 5902 – Employee Code of Conduct

Policy 6202 – Indoor Air Quality


If you have questions regarding any of the WVBE's policies, contact Davin White, WVEA Communications and Instructional Issues Specialist, by phone at 1.800.642.8261 ext. 116 or by email at: