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Nearly every decision impacting education employees, school volunteers and students stems from policy established by politicians. Whether the decision is that of a local school board who establishes a dress code for employees or uniforms for students, to the highest level of federal testing standards enacted by the United States Congress, there is a direct and critical link between public education policies and government.

The West Virginia Education Association advocates for its members, public education employees and students through a wide variety of efforts, including political and public policy actions. WVEA’s legislative policies are developed by members through the WVEA Delegate Assembly and the WVEA Legislative Committee. These documents offer guidance to our professional lobby team who work with WVEA member lobbyists to impact policy decisions.

Faculty senate power

Faculty senates were created to empower teachers, allowing them to have more control over the issues impacting their school and to give teachers a voice in the operation of their…

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Chancey’s fifth-grade class wins WV Fiction Competition

During the school year, Jackson County member Robin Chancey receives emails from several colleges offering writing opportunities to grades K–12 or 5–12. When Chancey received the email from Shepherd College…

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Member Spotlight: Ginger DeWitt

Marshall County Education Association member Ginger DeWitt has been working for the Marshall County Board of Education for 24 years. Her current assignment is a Supervisory Aide at John Marshall…

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Focused phonics lessons in Berkeley County

Ashley Battaglini was awarded an NEA Foundation’s Student Success Grant and was the only NEA grant winner in West Virginia this year. Battaglini is an academic coach at Hedgesville Elementary…

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West Virginia Educator Survey

CHARLESTON, W.Va. − WVEA will be conducting a scientific survey of members over the coming weeks. We want to learn about members’ experiences, hear their concerns, and understand their priorities for the association….

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PEIA Finance Board releases FY 25 plan

The Public Employees Insurance Agency is considering another significant premium increase for participants in the coming year. The PEIA Finance Board met on October 19 and released a proposed plan…

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Vacancies in our school systems continue to grow

From kitchens to classrooms, our schools are operating shorthanded. The shortage of employees has been around for a number of years and continues to get worse. Last year, it was…

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Member Spotlight: Cheryl Canterbury

Where were you born? LaGrange, GA, but have been in WV since I was a toddler. My family tree is planted in our beautiful state. Where did you attend school?…

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WVEA President Dale Lee stresses the crisis in education

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The following remarks were made by WVEA President Dale Lee to the State Board of Education at their meeting on Wednesday, September 13 regarding the opening of schools and…

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Keeping organized is critical

Maintaining your own up-to-date personal and professional records is every bit as important as keeping your lesson plans and grade book organized. Having the appropriate documentation on hand can be…

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