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Nearly every decision impacting education employees, school volunteers and students stems from policy established by politicians. Whether the decision is that of a local school board who establishes a dress code for employees or uniforms for students, to the highest level of federal testing standards enacted by the United States Congress, there is a direct and critical link between public education policies and government.

The West Virginia Education Association advocates for its members, public education employees and students through a wide variety of efforts, including political and public policy actions. WVEA’s legislative policies are developed by members through the WVEA Delegate Assembly and the WVEA Legislative Committee. These documents offer guidance to our professional lobby team who work with WVEA member lobbyists to impact policy decisions.

Another WVEA Win

Brooke County members are celebrating a big grievance win two years in the making! In March 2020, when the county withheld salary stipends provided by the excess levy, WVEA members…

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WVEA-PAC recommends pro-education candidates for May election

April 4, 2022 –  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WVEA-PAC recommends pro-education candidates for May electionThe West Virginia Education Association-Political Action Committee (WVEA-PAC) recommends the candidateslisted below for the May 10 Primary Election….

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Standing Up for Hancock County

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEMarch 28, 2022 Hancock County Schools Faculty and Staff Overwhelmingly Vote “No Confidence” in Superintendent Petrovich and the Hancock Board of Education HANCOCK COUNTY – On Friday, March 25,…

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Raba Poll Of WV Voters Shows Opposition To School Vouchers And Strong Support For WV Unions

Bipartisan polling firm Red America Blue America (RABA) Research conducted a telephone survey of 512 West Virginia voters at the beginning of March. The survey results show strong support for…

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Have Your Class Participate in Read Across America!

Celebrate Read Across America (RAA) on March 2! March so happens to be National Reading Month and why not bring the reading fun to your classroom. RAA offers reading tools,…

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Your Rights in a Rif or Transfer

If you have questions, call your Association Rep., County President, WVEA Help Center at 1-866-568-9832, or your Organizational Development Specialist. If you are RIFed, you have the right to: Have notice,…

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Marshall County Member Heather Haught is the Second Recipient of a $25,000 Milken Educator Award

MOUNDSVILLE, W.Va. – A second West Virginia teacher has been honored with Milken Educator Award for the 2021-2022 school year. Heather Haught, a first grade teacher at McNinch Primary School in…

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Hardy County Member Receives $25,000 Milken Educators Award

BAKER, W.Va. – Hardy County member Michelle Wolfe is the first in the nation to receive $25,000 for the Milken Educator Award this school year. “I had no idea it was going to happen, but I’m very grateful,”…

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WVEA President Dale Lee addresses Teacher Shortage

CHARLESTON, W.Va. − WVEA President Dale Lee spoke today at the state Board of Education meeting to address West Virginia’s teacher shortage. He began by applauding State Superintendent Burch and the West Virginia Department of…

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Anti-Stereotype Bill Puts Teachers in a Bind

CHARLESTON, W.VA. – “This is just going to drive more and more teachers out of the profession,” President Lee told MetroNews’ “Talkline” today. Yesterday HB 4011 turned into a lengthy, heated debate in the House Education Committee meeting. This…

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