WVEA Foundation

The West Virginia Foundation for the Improvement of Education (WVFIE) is a tax-exempt foundation established by WVEA members to assist educators working with at-risk children. To date, WVFIE has provided hundreds of grants totaling more than $350,000 to WVEA members throughout the state. As a result, tens of thousands of at-risk students in West Virginia have benefited. Examples of past grants include:

  • Flood relief, including funding, school supplies, backpacks and toiletries
  • Parent partnership and communications projects
  • Entrepreneurship events
  • Empowering Elementary Kids and similar science programs
  • Reading and literacy projects such as Literacy Kits, Bag-a-Book and Read Across America
  • Readiness programs such as TARGET (Teaching At Risk Students Good and Effective Techniques) and Get Ready, Get Set, Go to Kindergarten
  • Projects that promote phonics, geometry, music and vocational skills and program awareness

Established in 1993 by WVEA members, the WVFIE funds are dedicated to helping teachers, and others whose work is essential to the learning community, attain the resources to make a difference in students’ lives. WVFIE, also sometimes referred to as the WVEA Foundation, is an independent tax-exempt foundation dedicated to securing financial resources and using them effectively in responding to the education needs of at-risk children.

While some WVFIE funding comes from voluntary contributions from individuals and corporations, the largest percentage comes from WVEA members. Each year, a portion of WVEA dues is earmarked for WVFIE, which is governed by an eleven-member Board of Directors.

“WVEA helps members get the resources and opportunities they need to grow as professionals, activists, and organization leaders. WVFIE, or the WVEA Foundation as some call it, is a tremendous asset for our members,” said WVFIE President Dale Lee. “When grants become available, I hope more individuals apply and take advantage of the opportunities the grant affords. The paperwork is easy to complete and the grant process itself is very simple.”

This page will be updated when WVFIE grants become available. Please check back.

The NEA also offers a variety of grants available to WVEA members to support teaching, support students, enhance leadership skills, and advocate for public schools.