About Us

We act for our students. We succeed with each other. The West Virginia Education Association is the leading voice for public education. As the state’s largest teacher organization, WVEA members work to protect educators’ rights and fight for better school funding to ensure all our students receive the high quality public education they deserve.

We are a voluntary membership organization made up of nearly 10,000 members. We get our strength from local members in nearly one hundred local affiliates and our association with the National Education Association. And because of that strength and power, WVEA provides member benefits that help members personally and professionally.

Standing Together for Public Schools

West Virginia public schools are great because teachers, school staff, parents and community members work together. It takes all of us to teach our children the values and ideals that ensure they become life-long learners and responsible community members in the future.

The West Virginia Education Association membership includes classroom teachers, custodians, library specialists, bus drivers plus retired educators and college students learning to become educators. It’s a team effort to give a child a world-class education and each of us plays an important role. And together, we advocate for the resources and opportunities our students and our educators need to succeed. There are many ways to stay informed and involved.

Dedicated Members

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic barreled into our lives, WVEA’s driving concern has been the safety of our students, their families and educators. The pandemic has shown the true value of public school educators as they organized hybrid or online instruction, provided meals and even internet access for their students and communities. WVEA members, in particular, found creative ways to reach and teach our students, supporting their students’ families financially and emotionally, and working longer hours and in ways they’ve never worked before.

Members Drive WVEA’s Agenda

Local members elect delegates WVEA Delegate Assembly (DA) and together, WVEA members have input on the decisions that make our organization a powerful force in the education community. WVEA policy is determined by the DA, which is made up of nearly 250 delegates elected by members. WVEA’s Executive Committee also sets policy and provides direction for our organization based on input from local educators.

WVEA is headquartered in Charleston for easy access to lawmakers and decision-makers. Approximately 15 staff members work on behalf of our members, our public schools and our organization.