Action Center

Standing together for public schools.

Our collective actions improve public education for our students and the professional and economic well-being of West Virginia’s public school employees. By getting involved and taking action, WVEA members find community, challenge and satisfaction in supporting public schools.

WVEA advocates tirelessly on issues that matter to educators. From fighting for public school resources, working to pass local levies, eliminating needless paperwork, working through classroom issues, protecting planning time, preventing educators’ hard-earned rights from being eroded or repealed by anti-teacher legislators, or ensuring the funding of PEIA, our highest priorities are those who work, teach and learn in public schools. Find out where we stand on issues and get updated weekly and daily during the legislative session using the resources at right.

Our guiding principles include the following.

Students deserve great public schools
All students deserve schools with the resources, programs, and curriculum to nurture their curiosity, imagination, spirit, talents, and desire to learn. And educators are our students’ most important resource.  Stand with us and together we can provide the resources and opportunities our students and educators need to be successful.

Educators’ voices will be heard. Historically, WVEA members have been successful in standing together and advocating for public schools. Nearly every decision impacting education employees, school volunteers and students stems from policy established by politicians at the county, state and national levels. Educators’ voices must be heard, recognized and respected when developing and implementing public education policies. Especially issues involving teaching and learning conditions.

Educators direct our policies and actions
The West Virginia Education Association advocates for its members, public education employees and students through a wide variety of efforts, including political and public policy actions. WVEA’s legislative policies are developed by members through the WVEA Delegate Assembly and the WVEA Legislative Committee. These documents offer guidance to our professional lobby team who work with WVEA member lobbyists to impact policy decisions.