Your Rights & Workplace

We’re on Your Side

WVEA members are never alone in the classroom or school work site. WVEA is your advocate and your partner, with representatives to support you, answering your questions and offering advice. You have peace of mind as you do your job knowing your colleagues and professional, knowledgeable WVEA staff will assist with your issues and concerns. WVEA is your safety net, protecting your professional rights and providing the best liability coverage and legal protection in the profession.

The Educators Employment Liability (EEL) is a professional liability insurance program which NEA provides as a benefit of membership. The program is totally dues-funded; members pay no separate fee. It is designed to protect association members—whether classroom teachers or support professionals—from personal financial liability for most incidents arising out of their educational employment activities or duties.

As a public school educator, support professional, student, or substitute, employment protection is a must. WVEA is your professional safety net and will help you know your legal rights through our legal services program.

Attorney ReferralA major benefit of membership is the NEA Attorney Referral Program, which provides members with legal advice on personal matters. Each eligible member is entitled to two 30-minute consultation sessions free during each membership year. And if you need additional legal help, the NEA Attorney Referral program lets you get that help at rates below participating attorneys’ usual fees. Click here for details.

Thanks to years of strong advocacy, West Virginia educators have certain employment rights guaranteed by law. These rights are constantly under attack, and it is only through our strong, collective power that we preserve and enhance our professional and employment rights. WVEA strongly encourages you to stay informed and be involved.