Keeping the Health Care Promise

Fair pay and fair benefits ensure the best and brightest can join and stay in our profession. WVEA tackles issues involving dignified pay and health care so our incredible educators can stay focused on their students. Educators deserve access to quality, affordable, and comprehensive health care coverage.

WVEA works to make sure the Public Employees Insurance Agency – PEIA – works for educators. Promises were made to find a long-term funding solution for PEIA. Promises must be kept.

The compensation package is a huge factor in employment decisions. Without stable/ affordable health care, an individual’s compensation level falls as they bear the burden of increased out-of-pocket expenses. Such expenses factor into the recruitment and retention of employees.

The Task Force pushed for funding PEIA through the general fund, which allows for various funding sources. The state obligation to fund PEIA is a smart solution that will not be financed on the backs of employees. Cutting state revenues will make it more difficult to fund PEIA. A long-term funding solution must be found for PEIA.

If you have questions or concerns about PEIA, contact WVEA’s Help Center 1.866.568.WVEA (866.568.9832).

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