Evaluation System

Educators need and want professional development and evaluation systems that provide meaningful feedback, help them improve their practice, allow them to grow professionally, and enhance student learning. The West Virginia Education Association has long advocated for valid and reliable assessments of educator performance, but in too many counties, the evaluation process is cursory, perfunctory, superficial, and inconsistent. And in some places, so-called reformers are calling for even more simplistic and wrong-headed approaches—such as using only student test scores to evaluate teacher effectiveness. Good evaluation systems must reflect the complexity of teaching and learning and focus on teaching practices that best support student learning. And they must address factors both in and out of school that have an impact on student learning.

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General Framework: The evaluation in West Virginia employs the five professional teaching standards to provide explicit and extensive details of the work of teaching in the 21st century. These five standards define what teachers must know and be able to do. The evaluation also includes performance standards through goal setting that evaluate outcomes and other essential aspects of professional teaching.

Standard 1: Curriculum and Planning
Standard 2: The Learner and the Learning Environment
Standard 3: Teaching
Standard 4: Professional Responsibilities for Self-Renewal
Standard 5: Professional Responsibilities for School and Community
Standard 6: Student Learning
Standard 7: Professional Conduct

Timeline: The deadline to convene the year-end conference and complete the summative performance rating is before the last day of school for teachers but not later than June 15.

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