Become a Bullwinkle Project local

Throughout the year, we’ve showcased our Bullwinkle Project, which runs April 1st–March 30th. As our
current locals are entering their final months of the project, we are looking for more locals who are interested in participating in next year’s project, which begins April 1, 2024.

The 13 participating locals have focused on new ways for recruitment, retention, and engagement. As a
result, these locals have increased overall membership, offered new opportunities for their members and
students, and have developed new partnerships within their communities. They have also traveled to participate in NEA conferences across the country to bring back more resources and tools to their locals.
Our staff will be working with the current project teams to revamp and make the upcoming project year
even more successful. We will have openings for new locals to participate, while some current locals may
continue to stay in the project.

To participate, your local will need a committed team of six to eight members, a willingness to create and
explore new ideas with extra resources from WVEA, and an ongoing drive to make your local stronger
and an even greater asset for your members. Speak with your local leadership to discuss being a project
local and decide if you want to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

If you want to provide your members with more resources, offer new engagement opportunities with current and potential members, and create a better environment for the students in your county, contact your ODS or Director of Field Services, Mike Hennessey, at mhennessey@wvea.org to be considered for the new project year!