Educators’ voices need to be heard

CHARLESTON, W.Va. − During the delegation portion of the West Virginia State Board of Education meeting on Wednesday, January 10, 2024, WVEA President Dale Lee shared with the Board that WVEA has recently completed a survey of our members. The results clearly outline the concerns of education employees in our state.  

“We have problems in public education that must be addressed if we are to continue to attract and retain employees. Unfortunately, no one wants to listen to the experts that are working in the school system.  We now have 1,705 positions without a certified teacher and if we don’t act soon, those numbers will continue to grow. The survey results come directly from those working in public education and spell out the issues that need immediate attention,” said President Lee.

WVEA plans to release the results from the member survey in a press conference next week.

Lee also spoke about the good things that are happening in public education. “We are one of the leaders in the nation in our pre-K program. 85% of our students taking AP exams pass them, which is a remarkable rate. 90 plus percent of our CTE students graduate and take great jobs in their field of study. We are one of the leaders in our child nutrition program and transportation program,” says President Lee.