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Get Involved with our Public Schools

It takes all of us working together to improve public education. Education employees need your help in getting the message out about the good things happening in our public schools and in convincing decisionmakers to make choices that are in the best interest of our students and our state.

Improving our schools will require increased resources, dedicated employees, hardworking students, broad community support and the commitment to move our schools forward.

Join with us as we develop a pro-public education coalition to improve public schools for West Virginia’s students. Get involved to make a difference:

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The education of our children is vital to the future of West Virginia and our public schools are the foundation of our education system. West Virginia’s businesses, communities, government and economy all rely on how well our schools prepare our children for the future.

WVEA’s mission is to advocate for education employees and to unite our profession to achieve the state’s promise of a high-quality public education system for all students.

WVEA members believe our public schools, regardless of their location, should provide for the needs of each student and help to prepare them for a successful future once their formal education is complete.

Dedicated education employees staff our schools every day. They care about the students and are eager to work with them to bring out their utmost potential. They make a difference in the lives of their students each day.

WVEA members advocate for our students and our public schools. They fight to create quality public schools throughout our state. We expect nothing but the best for our students!

Our Students and Public Schools are Amazing


Our public schools are amazing, and our students are performing better and learning more than ever before. The richness of the curriculum and the broad array of opportunities available to students help provide them with the tools needed to be successful, responsible citizens.

Many West Virginia families struggle. According to the Children’s Defense Fund and U.S. Census data, West Virginia has the third-lowest median income in the country, the fourth-highest childhood poverty rate and the highest poverty rate in the nation for children under the age of six. 

The same data shows that West Virginia is moving in the wrong direction in terms of income inequality. West Virginia was one of only three states where income inequality increased.

Our public schools can help break the cycle of poverty and help this generation to pursue fuller, richer lives than the generations before them.

Some narratives, however, are very critical of our public schools. Those narratives present misleading facts and push an agenda of out-of-state interest groups. Our students are far more than test scores to be used in debates and we should be concentrating our efforts on proven methods and practices in order to help them achieve to their full potential.

Don’t listen to those pushing the out-of-state agenda. Visit our public schools. Talk to educators and students about the great things that are going on in the classroom and at extra- and co-curricular events.

Our schools are so much more than the reading, writing and arithmetic of the past. They are vibrant, innovative environments working to ensure students have the skills necessary to succeed in life.

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Let’s Make Our Public Schools Even Better

West Virginians have high expectations for student achievement and public-school performance. No educator or parent should be happy with our schools simply maintaining the status quo. We want our students to have greater opportunities and are always working to improve our schools.

Despite a lack of resources and respect, West Virginia educators are making great strides in the education of our students.

Education employees are the greatest advocates for our students. They see the changes that need to be made in our schools to help our students achieve. They know their students and they know what’s needed for them to succeed.

Unfortunately, many decisions regarding our public schools are made by those who don’t understand what it is to teach and what it is to learn. Those decisionmakers are often driven by outside interests and do not listen to the professionals working with our students each and every day. Their poor decisions range from policy changes to reductions in funding that ultimately harm our students and our public schools.

For decades students and educators have made do with fewer and fewer resources. Education employees want to change that dynamic and we need your help.

Our students deserve nothing but the best!