Jackson County member saves $14,000 using WVEA’s Student Debt Navigator

Free benefit for WVEA members

Ripley – WVEA helps educators manage and reduce their student loan debt with an online tool called Savi. Use this easy, interactive tool to find out which student loan forgiveness programs and repayment plans you qualify for and can save you the most money. Just ask Jackson County member Saunyell Nikki Atkinson who saved $14,000.

“I’d love to help any educators out there use Savi and gain some peace of mind like I did,” she says. 

What do educators need to know about Savi?
First – Savi can save everyone money. Everyone’s financial situation is different, but I haven’t talked to a single person who has used Savi that has not saved in some way, either by having their payments lowered or loans forgiven.

Second – it’s so easy! I gathered a little financial information, the first two pages of my most recent tax return, and then the Savi team took over and saved me thousands! I’ve had teacher friends who have tried to submit forgiveness paperwork on their own and been rejected over and over again for the simplest things. I’ve been working with Savi for just a couple of months and I’m nearly finished.

Third – Savi is free to current WVEA members! The price cut for this service is just another awesome benefit of being a WVEA member! (Renew your WVEA membership hereJOIN WVEA NOW)

So, how exactly did it work for you?
My experience has been wonderful. The Savi agents I have spoken to have been super helpful! They don’t use overly complicated jargon when explaining what you need and how to help you. They will walk you through step-by-step!

I saved $5,000 through Teacher Loan Forgiveness and am now on a repayment plan that will save me an additional $13,500! That plan is a public service loan forgiveness.  We are still looking into using payments that I have already made as a part of the 120 qualifying payments required under that plan. If they accept the payments I’ve already made, I’ll be saving even more!

Saving this money is going to allow me to be much more stable financially, mentally and physically! As teachers, we have to scrimp and save every dime we can. Now, I won’t have to worry as much when I need to pay a doctor bill or take a day off because those extra hundreds a month won’t be taken by my loan. By the way – my new monthly payment is only $27.80!

She teaches in Ripley

Atkinson says this is her “sixth glorious year teaching at Ripley High School. I love my students, community and course load more than anything!”  She teaches Creative Writing 1-4, Film Studies 1-2, and English 10. Atkinson’s bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education is from West Virginia University at Parkersburg  and her master’s in Reading is from Fairmont State University.