Membership Q & A

How do I join?
You can join now online here. If you prefer a paper enrollment form, click here and find an enrollment form based on your county. Or you can obtain a membership form from your local association president or building representative. You may also call the WVEA at 1-866-568-WVEA (9832) or email us and request a form be mailed to you.

How do I pay my dues – what methods of payment are available?
A variety of methods are available for payment of dues. They include: bank draft/electronic funds transfer,credit card, check, or contact the WVEA Headquarters office to arrange a billing schedule (1-800-642-8261) extension 143.

What do I get with my membership?
All the things you value as a professional educator, including participation in WVEA conferences, field staff and legal assistance, personal consultation on issues such as employment, PEIA, retirement, certification, etc., plus you’ll receive a $1 million per occurrence liability policy, NEA Member Benefits, Dues Tab Insurance, and mailings and communications from both the NEA and WVEA to keep you updated on issues that impact you personally and professionally.

When do my benefits begin?
You are entitled to participate and receive services when the WVEA headquarters office receives your membership form.

How do I know if I am already a member?
If you are supposed to have payroll deductions withheld from your pay, check your pay stub. If you pay by some other method or are still unsure, contact the WVEA Help Center at 866-568-9832 or email us and ask for verification of your membership.

How much is withheld each month for WVEA dues?
Each county may be different. The membership form has a place for you to indicate the desired number of payroll deductions. However, each county board of education has their own policies for dealing with employee payroll deductions. You will need to contact the payroll department in your county for details.

How often are payroll deductions taken?
That will vary by county. Contact your local board of education central office payroll division for that information.

Do I have to sign up every year?
If you are a continuing member and remain employed in the same county, the answer is ‘no.’ However, if you move from county to county or are RIFed and recalled, you will need to re-enroll. Check your payroll deductions each time to make sure that no mistakes are made.

What is NEA’s Complimentary Life Insurance (formerly ‘Dues Tab’)?
NEA’s Complimentary Life Insurance is a member only life insurance policy that provides coverage of up to $50,000. You are automatically enrolled in the program at no additional cost upon becoming a member and the amount of the policy continues to grow for each year that you hold continuous membership in the Association.

Can I just join WVEA and not belong to my local or the NEA?
No. Unified membership requires members to join their local, state and national affiliates.

Does my dues money go to political candidates?
In accordance with the WVEA Bylaws, a WVEA contribution of nine dollars ($9.00) goes to WVEA PAC (Political Action Council) and one dollar ($1.00) for the Ballot Initiative Fund (BIF) is assessed as part of the WVEA dues. Any person wishing not to participate in WVEA-PAC should contact the WVEA office at 1-800-642-8261 extension 135 prior to November 1. Where objections are made, the member may choose to:

(a) divert the ten dollars to the West Virginia Foundation for Improvement of Education (WVFIE), or

(b) receive a rebate of ten dollars.

Where objections are made, the ten dollars will not be used for political purposes.

Additional Questions?
If you have additional questions that are not answered here, contact your local association president, your association representatives or call the WVEA Headquarters at 1-800-642-8261 extension 135.