Top 5 Reasons to Join

Your professional association, the WVEA, is an organization of, by and for school employees that works to achieve these common goals.

  1. A Voice at the Table
    Joining your professional association gives you a voice in decisions that affect your classroom and career. Whether advocating for change in your county, speaking at school board meetings, seeking increased school funding, or advocating for education with state elected officials, your association supports you and your students.
  2. Increased Pay and Benefits
    WVEA works with our local associations to increase teacher salaries by advocating at the Legislature. As a member of your local association, you can join in the efforts to promote professional pay, health care and retirement security.
  3. Positive Changes in Your Workplace
    The association works with you, your administration and community organizations to support you and to address issues in your school.
  4. WVEA Help Center to Assist Our Members
    WVEA provides a Help Center with member advocacy specialists standing by to answer your questions from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. each school day. Questions can be submitted by phone or e-mail. The WVEA Help Center is your first point of contact for any employment-related questions.
  5. Improved Working and Student Learning Conditions
    Local associations empower educators to advocate for smaller class size, less standardized testing, updated and improved curriculum, and safe buildings, just to name a few. These working conditions mean a better learning environment for students.

Your WVEA colleagues are here for you. From professional growth opportunities and support, to amplifying your voice in public policies affecting you and your classroom, WVEA has your future in mind. Also advocating for professional pay and benefits, to providing perks like college debt assistance and exclusive member-only discounts, WVEA has your back!

WVEA/NEA Member Benefits Testimonials

They make it easier to apply for student loan forgiveness.

I used Savi to apply for student loan forgiveness. Savi

walked me through the process step by step. I was blessed

to have my student loans forgiven and I am very thankful

for the programs provided through WVEA and the NEA.

—Sara B.

I am able to go to work knowing that I have the support

of my union behind me. If I question something that

is going on in my building, I can call the Help line and

ask questions. This allows me to feel comfortable with

decision-making skills. WVEA/NEA is a support system

for teachers and ESPs.

—Lucinda B.