Keeping organized is critical

Maintaining your own up-to-date personal and professional records is every bit as important as keeping your lesson plans and grade book organized. Having the appropriate documentation on hand can be critical to placement on the salary schedule, clearing up misunderstandings, making sure your evaluation is fair and accurate, etc. Proper written documentation can help keep a problem from becoming serious or being a problem at all.

Professional educators should have the following documents on hand:

  • Certificate(s)
  • Professional employment contract
  • Record of in-service or advanced academic credit earned
  • All evaluations and growth plans
  • Proof of membership in the Association
  • Record of college attendance, dates, and degrees
  • Transcripts of undergraduate and graduate credits and degrees
  • Supplemental contract(s)
  • Record of accumulated sick leave days as received from the county
  • Records of commendations, awards, honors
  • Copies of teaching schedules and assignments for current and past years
  • Records of incidents involving discipline, violence, or other disruptive student behavior
  • Records of disciplinary referrals of students and methods in handling specific classroom problems
  • Copies of letters to/from administrators and board members
  • Copies of letters to/from parents, colleagues, etc.
  • Yearly salary notices/annual salary schedule
  • Copy of all documents in the personnel file
  • Monthly payroll stubs
  • Records pertaining to retirement
  • Phone numbers and individuals to call for assistance and information