Lawmakers passage of HB 2009 disrespects educators

The House today passed by a vote of 55-43 HB 2009 which makes it illegal to pay union dues through payroll deduction. Governor Jim Justice now has five days to either sign or veto the bill. 

“This is a blatant payback measure aimed at educators who stood together and advocated for West Virginia public schools by lawmakers who don’t understand or don’t care what’s happening in our public schools. Lawmakers are intruding into our paychecks and dictating how we spend our money. Understand this means nothing can come out of our paychecks, including union dues, employee sponsored insurance, cancer insurance, memorial funds or charitable and scholarship contributions,” said WVEA President Dale Lee. “It’s outrageous and disrespectful to retaliate against dedicated and caring educators who have found creative ways to reach and teach our students during this COVID-19 pandemic. I encourage everyone to contact Governor Justice and tell him to veto HB 2009.”

If West Virginia legislators put half as much energy into providing the resources and opportunities our students and educators need to succeed, everyone would be flocking to our state. As it is, these lawmakers are gutting public school funding and robbing educators of their rights,” he added. “It’s shameful. Simply shameful.”