Media Statement


Wednesday, February 28, 2024

CHARLESTON, W.Va. − The following is a joint statement from the West Virginia Education Association (WVEA) President Dale Lee and AFT-West Virginia President Fred Albert.

For over a year, WVEA and AFT-WV have been engaged in conversations to merge the two organizations into a single entity. We are pleased to announce that both executive boards and governing bodies have unanimously approved a values statement for the new organization. The values statement identifies the core beliefs and tenets of a potential new organization. The adoption of the values allows us to proceed with the next steps of creating the foundational documents and business plan needed for operation.

Until the official merger date, our two organizations will be working together. Our combined forces will better position us to serve the needs of education employees, students, and public education as we move into the future.

“By definition, a union is a merging of people coming together to use their collective talents and knowledge to improve the working conditions and circumstances for the whole. While there is much work still to be done, the possibility of one merged unified voice for education employees is an exciting vision for the future of education in WV. I look forward to continuing to work with Dale and the leadership of both organizations to make this vision a reality,” said AFT-WV President Fred Albert.

“Our members have enthusiastically embraced the merger of our organizations and I am pleased that we are making significant progress toward a unified organization. Our educators, students and public schools will remain our priority as we continue to battle the attacks on public education. I’m excited about what the future holds,” said WVEA President Dale Lee.