Member Spotlight: Ginger DeWitt

Ginger DeWitt

Marshall County Education Association member Ginger DeWitt has been working for the Marshall County Board of Education for 24 years. Her current assignment is a Supervisory Aide at John Marshall High School. Ginger is a WVEA Association Representative as well as the Vice President of the Marshall County Education Association. She is also a city councilwoman for the City of Moundsville and community leader involved in many projects.

Ginger tells us her favorite part of the job is crossing the students from the student parking lot into the building. “I love greeting them with a ‘good morning’ and in the evening I always tell them ‘be careful and have a great evening’ as they leave.” Ginger also says that she loves the fact that her job duties vary and that is something she appreciates. She likes being active in her local association and loves to recruit new members!

Ginger has been on the City of Moundsville Council for almost 15 years, representing the fourth ward. She was just re-elected to another term. She wanted to run for city council to help her fellow citizens. “I wanted to ensure our voices were heard and concerns addressed,” she stated. Since serving on council, she has worked hard on street paving, upgrading city parks, including the addition of one in her neighborhood and infrastructure repairs and replacement. “I pushed for a recycling program in our city” and got it started with the help of the council and city manager. She also worked with the city council to create a grant program using ARPA funding for local businesses to repair and upgrade their properties.

Ginger is a member of the unofficial McDonald’s Breakfast Club. This consists of Ginger and some older gentleman from the community. One of which was her sixth-grade teacher who also serves on the city council with her. One day Ginger said, “we all should donate one quarter a day to give money to help people in the community.” They have helped individual community members, assisted with the “shop with a cop” program and gave a $500 scholarship to a student who is working at the McDonald’s.

At the start of the COVID pandemic, there was a shortage of masks. “I started making them because there were none available. I made them for our local first responders as well as citizens. I made over 1,800 masks.” The masks became popular and after some time, Ginger agreed to sell 100 masks to fund a scholarship for John Marshall High students. “I was able to give two $550 scholarships. This was one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.”

In her off time, Ginger loves to spend time at Big Bear Lake Camplands in Preston County. She even started a free Little Library and Giving Box at her campsite for campers to share with each other. “We have met so many wonderful people there,” she said. WVEA salutes Ginger in her many roles as a community leader.

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