President Dale Lee addresses the WV Board of Education

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – WVEA President Dale Lee spoke today at the state Board of Education meeting about the Hope Scholarship and hiring policy. President Dale Lee made a request to the Hope Scholarship Board and found out that 29 out-of-state schools are receiving West Virginia taxpayers’ dollars for our kids. One of which is a public school in Steubenville, Ohio. At the end of the fiscal year, President Dale Lee will have more information and said he would keep the board abreast of what is happening. “This is very alarming to me. Hopefully, we can keep taxpayers’ dollars in West Virginia for our kids,” President Dale Lee said.

Next, he addressed the hiring policy. It takes 30 minutes to fill out the application profile, which is a concern and needs to be fixed for summer school positions. “I take great pride and will never apologize for standing up for our members and the educators in the state of West Virginia. I also take great pride in putting students first. Making sure the students are at the center of the WVEA. That’s what we are here for and that’s why we became educators. This is about our members who have concerns and asked me to bring those concerns to the board,” President Dale Lee said.