President Dale Lee stresses the COVID-Related Issues to the State Board

CHARLESTON, W.VA.The following remarks were made by WVEA President Dale Lee to the State Board of Education at their meeting on Wednesday, October 13 regarding COVID and a shortage of education employees.

Lee expressed concern to the Board that our educators are seeing a big jump in the number of students testing positive for COVID. “There is a real concern and fear in our schools for students, education employees, and their families,” Lee said.

Lee shared about the high number of counties not allowing the COVID (sick) days. Our educators are taking the necessary health precautions but are still required to quarantine due to their students testing positive. When this happens our educators must use their sick leave, which is simply wrong. Lee reminded the Board about the money counties received to continue offering COVID leave, which should not be a huge request.

Another growing concern is the unfilled positions and lack of substitutes in our schools. “We are in a crisis and this problem will only get worse because our educators are at the end of their rope. The solution is to bring back respect to our educators and listen to their voices because they are the true experts in education,” Lee emphasized.