Public school employees must remain priority in vaccine rollout for students, safe schools

Public school employees are angry by the announced changes in the vaccine rollout by the Joint Interagency Taskforce for Vaccine Distribution. The state’s COVID-19 Vaccine Allocation Plan categorizes school employees as essential workers and are prioritized as such.  The following statement can be attributed to WVEA President Dale Lee.

“The state has broken its promise in prioritizing public school employees in the vaccination rollout by stopping delivery of vaccines to schools. It is unclear how educators are a priority by checking the box on a website where the public registers for a waiting list for the vaccine.  Educators were told they were being prioritized for vaccinations, and in fact that was a standard for reopening schools. Public school employees must be a priority for safe teaching and learning. Our educators have done extraordinary work providing quality instruction while keeping our students safe. Promises must be kept.”