Student Rebate Form

Former Aspiring Educators (AE) who join during their first year of eligibility for Active Professional Membership are entitled to a special rebate. The rebate is $20 for each year of membership as an Aspiring Educator (Student Member) for up to 4 years. Someone who joined the AE program for one year can apply for a $20-dollar rebate and an AE member for 4 years is entitled to apply for an $80-rebate!

The rebate application must be submitted no later than June 1st (deadline extended). Rebates are distributed in the Fall of that member’s second year of membership. You can complete the form below. Copies of the form may also be obtained by contacting NEA’s Aspiring Educators program.

First year active professionals who previously belonged to the AE Program should also check with their local NEA affiliate (or state NEA affiliate) to find out if there are additional rebates or benefits offered by the state. The rebate could be even more!