Teachers unions say virus map status tweaks result in anger, lost confidence

By Brad McElhinny, WV MetroNews

September 15, 2020

“We are angry that our state leaders continue to manipulate the color-coded map guiding the re-opening of school,” stated WVEA President Dale Lee. “Employees and parents need to have a system with continuity and stability in order to make plans and facilitate

The WVEA statement went on to say, “The continued tweaking of our school reentry guidelines from day to day does not instill confidence in the system or in the leaders making the decisions. The changes do not seem to be based on processing information but simply devising ways around the current system to ensure in-person learning and athletic contests occur – regardless of the risks.”

Both the WVEA and the American Federation of Teachers-West Virginia issued statements about changes that were announced earlier today by Gov. Jim Justice.

AFT-WV “questions the effectiveness of a constantly changing metric for school attendance” and continued to say “employees, parents, and students need a system they can trust and easily understand.” AFT-WV’s president is Fred Albert.

West Virginia has been adjusting a color-coded map that tracks the spread of coronavirus, affecting the status of school systems.