Stay Denied For Hope Scholarship

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The WV Intermediate Court of Appeals has denied a stay request for the Hope Scholarship ruling. The state Attorney General’s Office filed a motion for a stay on July 19. State Attorney General Patrick Morrisey argued Tabit’s decision undermined “parents’ freedom to choose how they educate their children” with fall classes set to begin the following month.

WVEA President Dale Lee, said the court’s decision shows Tabit’s ruling was the “correct one.” He added the education union’s opposition does not stem from opposition toward parents putting their children in private schools.

“This is about public tax dollars paying for that choice, and our Constitution says we are to provide a free and thorough and efficient education system, not a private education system. This is an incentive to take your child out of the public schools, which takes the dollars out of our public schools, which harms our schools,” said President Lee. He is confident other judges will allow Tabit’s ruling to remain.

“While I’m not a lawyer, I believe that it is clear what our founding fathers meant by that,” said President Lee, referencing the state Constitution.

Source: MetroNews