WVEA Delegate Assembly Moved to One-Day, Remote Meeting

WVEA Delegate Assembly Moved to One-Day, Remote Meeting

Considering the unprecedented circumstances brought on by the COVID-19 health crisis, the WVEA Executive Committee has voted to hold a remote Delegate Assembly on Saturday, May 23.

“Our Delegate Assembly was originally scheduled on April 23-25 and was cancelled by the hotel. With social distancing and gathering restrictions in place it was unclear when we would be able to reschedule and hold a traditional Delegate Assembly,” said WVEA President Dale Lee.

“We know this is not ideal, but we believe shortening the agenda and holding the meeting remotely is the wise and prudent move,” continued Lee. “We all wish we could be together and hold our normal Delegate Assembly, but that’s just not possible this year.”

The Executive Committee outlined a limited agenda for the meeting:
• Vote to approve the 2019 Delegate Assembly minutes
• Vote to approve the proposed 2021 budget as approved by the Executive Committee
• Hold nomination and acceptance speeches for officers and candidates
• Debate and discussion of Constitutional Amendment #1

The Delegate Handbook and Proposed Budget will be sent to delegates prior to the May 23 meeting along with information regarding connecting to the meeting.

WVEA governance and staff are still working on logistical issues in order to hold the Delegate Assembly and vote/discuss various agenda items. Those details will also be shared with delegates in the coming weeks.

If you have any questions, please contact WVEA President Dale Lee (dlee@wvea.org) or WVEA Executive Director David A. Haney (dhaney@wvea.org).