WVEA Vows to Continue Making Teachers Voices Heard Despite Payroll Deduction Ruling

CHARLESTON, W.VA. – WVEA will continue to advocate for public schools and make eductors voices heard despite efforts to silence the voices of public school educators, says WVEA President Dale Lee. He was responding to the West Virginia’s Supreme Court rejecting rejected a temporary restaining order regarding the common and long-time practice of deducting union dues from public employees’ paychecks places.

The high court, in a 3-2 opinion written by Justice Beth Walker, knocked down the temporary restraining order and sent the full case back to circuit court.  Read More from WV Metro News

WVEA and other unions filed lawsuits after state legislators passed HB 2009, calling it a “blatant and vindictive retaliatory” move by lawmakers and “a violation of employees’ constitutional rights.”  In addition to the long-time practice of deducting dues from paychecks, HB 2009 also prohibits employee sponsored insurance, cancer insurance, memorial funds or charitable and scholarship contributions to be paid for through payroll deduction.