American Red Cross pillowcase project

(Left to Right) Red Cross Volunteer Colby Carpenter, Disaster Program Manager Angela Akers, Red Cross Volunteer Faye Gray, and KCEA Co-President Dinah Adkins

Members of the Kanawha County Education Association, along with their ODS Chris Arbogast, recently participated in the American Red Cross pillowcase project. The Red Cross began implementing the project after Hurricane Katrina when New Orleans CEO Kay Wilkins discovered students that carried their belongings in pillowcases when evacuated. This inspired her to create a program blending art therapy with emergency preparedness to educate students and their families and build skills in hazard-specific protective actions.

Through the pillowcase project, children learn how to prepare for emergencies, practice what they have learned, and share their knowledge with family and friends. The program increases much needed coping skills and builds resilience in youth while teaching them how to stay safe in a wide variety of emergency situations. For more information, go to qrco.de/bdnscL.