Hancock CEA leads victory over onerous attendance policy changes

It began with the Hancock Board of Education not following proper procedures in an attempt to push through policy changes that would place additional burdens and extra financial strains on Hancock County School employees.

HCEA forced the county to stop the fast-tracking of several attendance policy changes that included the requirement of a doctor’s excuse, including specific medical information, after 5 cumulative days missed or if a sick day is taken around a holiday. Additionally, unpaid leave would be reduced from five days to one and could not be granted for unforeseen circumstances or special opportunities.

This effort to make the county follow proper policy change procedures allowed members and other employees to voice their concerns during the required 30-day public comment period. After receiving comments and letters from faculty senates and individual employees, the board decided to not take up the proposed policy changes and to keep the current policy in place as is.

This effort from HCEA and the members not only defeated a potentially damaging policy change, but also assured correct policy procedures will be followed in the future. This is a great example of how the collective action of local members and leaders can use their power to secure the rights of employees and the safety of public education.