Active ESP Membership

ESP membership (K-12 and Higher Education) is open to any person who is employed in an education support position (including substitutes) in West Virginia in any public school, public college or university, or any other public institution devoted primarily to education work. By joining as an ESP member, you are entitled to all rights, benefits, and privileges under the WVEA Constitution and Bylaws including, but not limited to, the right to vote and hold elective office within the Association, actively participate in all Association meetings, consultation with staff, Association training programs, legal representation, liability insurance and other special NEA/WVEA Member Benefits.

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Making a Difference for Education Support Professionals (ESPs)

ESPs are key members of our public schools because they are usually the first people students see when they enter the school. They’re there when a student needs a listening ear or a helping hand. ESPs are on the front lines in every school system through-out the state, keeping our schools running and our students safe, healthy and ready to learn.

WVEA can make a difference for you:

  • Tough and effective representation in grievances and other issues.
  • Savings and financial tools to stretch your hard-earned pay.
  • Liability insurance which includes on-the-job $1 million per-incident protection.
  • Collective action and advocacy to enhance your pay and working conditions.

Belong Today! Download PDF form or use the online form to join now. Complete and e-mail your PDF form to easypay@wvea.org.