Mercer County school levy up for renewal in Saturday election

By Shauna Johnson, WV MetroNews

MERCER COUNTY, W.Va. — The county clerk in Mercer County was optimistic about overall turnout for Saturday’s excess school levy election in his county as the early voting period came to an end in Bluefield.

County Clerk Verlin Moye told MetroNews the number of people who cast ballots early for the levy election was nearly double the total for early voting ahead of the 2017 road bond special election.

“Sometimes it’s hard to gauge the public interest, but given the issue, it being a school excess levy issue, it reflects that there’s a considerable population of teachers and students who are interested in this topic,” said Moye.

The only issue on the ballot for the Nov. 2 Election Day was the proposed five-year extension of the levy that had been in place in Mercer County for decades.

“There’s one question. It’s a paper ballot. It is either for or against the levy,” Moye said.