President Lee Addresses the State Board of Education

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – “It’s time to give them that respect.”

WVEA President Dale Lee spoke at the West Virginia State Board of Education meeting yesterday regarding the upcoming legislative session, and the increased respect needed for West Virginia education employees.

“We are getting ready to face a legislative session where a number of things will be discussed. Among those I would bet is curriculum and what we are teaching. I want to make it clear. What we are teaching are the college and career readiness standards for West Virginia. The standards devised by West Virginia educators for West Virginia students. What we are teaching is kids to become critical thinkers, teaching truths, not all the buzz words you will hear thrown around during this legislative session. What we’re teaching is each child to become the best that they can be.”

President Lee challenged central offices, county Boards of Education, the state department, and the state Board of Education to spend a day with educators to gain a better understanding of the challenges they face daily, and appreciation for the wonderful things happening in their classrooms.