Stay Informed during the 2023 Legislative Session

Our educators are the experts when it comes to our schools and students. WVEA’s mission is to make sure your voice is heard. The 2023 Legislative Session begins January 11 and ends on March 11. Stay informed and get WVEA’s guidance and expertise on our website and social media.

WVEA’s Website
Our website will be updated to accommodate the activities that occur during the Legislative Session. The legislative area of our website will be updated by January 16 with the latest legislative contact information, such as phone, email, and office for each legislator. Find talking points for the topics that are most likely to impact our schools and on bills that are moving through committees. Make your voices heard on issues impacting our students by contacting lawmakers. Here are some more ways to keep informed during the legislative session:

  • Legislative Update – Watch your inbox for the Legislative Update email, which contains a summary of the week’s activities during the session or go to wvea.org/WVEALegUpdate.
  • Lobbyline – WVEA’s daily Lobbyline is posted each evening and gives a recap of the day’s events. We generally have it posted by 6 PM each weekday at wvea.org/WVEALobbyline.

Social Media
WVEA uses social media to communicate with members, public school supporters, news reporters and lawmakers by posting daily and weekly updates. We will ask members to respond using our hashtags. The hashtags are #IAmWVEA and #ForOurStudents. Use these whenever you post to any social media platform.

Visit WVEA’s Facebook page at facebook.com/IAmWVEA. Our Twitter account is twitter.com/IAmWVEA. Make sure you follow each of those pages throughout the legislative session. WVEA will also post videos on the WVEA website, on IAmWVEA and on our YouTube channel at youtube.com/WVEAUpdate.

Emails and Text Alerts
We try not to overload you with texts and emails, but there are times when we need to send out calls for action during the legislative session. Often legislation moves quickly, so watch for emails and text alerts if immediate action is required.

To receive accurate and immediate information, make sure your contact information is updated in the WVEA membership database. You may update your personal information in our database by editing your account information in the NEA Member Portal at mynea360.org. Another way to update your information is to complete this form.