Teaching & Learning

The West Virginia Education Association is focused on professional teaching and learning issues that assist, support, guide and impact our members such as licensure, professional development, training and networking opportunities and education reform issues to name a few. The intent is to provide the resources and opportunities educators need to succeed.

WVEA members have access to cutting-edge resources from NEA experts—our staff, affiliates, and members—on the skills and topics educators need to join, stay in, and advance our profession. We work with professional education organizations to provide resources and support to educators. Examples of resources include:

Resources and advice from experienced colleagues and educators is available through:

The WVEA is here to help and keep you updated on issues and techniques that help ensure high quality teaching and support services designed to improve the conditions of teaching and learning.

The WVEA further supports a successful public education experience for each and every child through the West Virginia Foundation for the Improvement of Education (WVFIE), an independent tax-exempt foundation dedicated to securing financial resources and using them effectively in responding to the education needs of at-risk children. The mission of WVFIE is to help teachers and others whose work is essential to the learning community attain the resources they need to make a difference in students’ lives.